FAITH FORWARD CREATIVITY: The impossible made possible by an awesome, loving God!

ZayinART: Passion

What started as a hobby since childhood evolved into ZayinART; a more formal platform to showcase my original paintings and artistic works. 

Truth be told, I displayed very little artistic ability in my younger days. Nothing notable enough to place me in the category of being a gifted artist or anywhere close to it! I just liked painting and did just that! Thoroughly enjoyed playing with paints as it brought me joy. Growing up, purchasing canvas to paint on was not an easy option for me due to cost and availability. When I got bored painting on regular art block paper using watercolours, I’d look for other surfaces to paint on. I’d target walls, wooden cupboards, flower pots, and such; these surfaces conveniently became my ‘canvas’. My passion to paint grew and led me to explore new techniques.


I’d excitedly buy small cans of oil-based paint, turpentine, and brushes from our local grocery store and eagerly plan the start date of these projects.  Back then, we use to subscribe to Reader’s Digest and as I recall, there’d be a photo or painting on its’ back cover. I’d somewhat pester my mum to choose an image she liked and work earnestly on painting that chosen image to my perfection. Fortunately, her approval of the finished piece always came in the form of a great big smile and words of affirmation of my artistic ability. My Papa and other family members too warmed up easily and often shared the joy of these art-endeavours of mine. Memories created during this period are very precious; they fuel my passion to carry on creating art and not give up.

Art from the heart

Art is so personal. Beauty indeed is in the eye of the beholder. Art out of one’s heart happens naturally without pressure. It creates a space for the individual to travel on a journey of creativity without boundaries or expectations. The perfection of Art is simply to give and receive freely.

God-given creativity resides in every heart. Painting for many like myself, calms the soul. We have a choice to release it to the world or simply enjoy peaceful moments painting from our hearts.

ZayinART was birthed at that appointed time; to be released to the world with a clear purpose. We acknowledge, celebrate, and glorify God-Almighty, the source of all creation, beauty, and perfection that with love has weaved into our hearts the special gift of creativity.

 Journey with us and discover your own God-given creative talents as it will certainly change your entire perspective of life.

Let this adventure begin and flourish on a strong note of FAITH!

This logo was created using free software that I downloaded to explore logo creation. ZAYINART ZayinArt DIGITAL Divine Paintings Collection: Heavenly Worship