Digital Divine Paintings : Heavenly Worship ~ The original is an acrylic painting done in April/May of 2018. I initially¬†wanted to paint some roses in hues of purple and pink to be used as a background image for my nephew’s wedding card that I was designing. It was almost complete when I was stirred to use my fingers to ‘squeeze the roses’ (if you can imagine that!). Well in about a minute or so the roses were no more and the entire painting was totally abstract. From past experience, I knew then it was a ‘divine painting’ and the completed art piece was going to be an exciting revelation. I attempted to use it for the wedding card but it didn’t blend in as planned. A couple of weeks later, I noticed a heartwarming image; It was of a lady in dance-worship position and then many more images became clear (faces which I believe are angels, hands lifted in worship). I named the painting after some weeks as the images that ‘surfaced’ were related to worship. Heavenly Worship is simply an expression of God’s love and how amazing it is to be able to have a relationship with Almighty God. Also Available:–Divine-Paintings—Heavenly-Worship-Faith-Forward-Creativity/Our0Gqm_mYLhp_b CANVAS PRINTS:
ZayinART Divine Paintings Collection Canvas: Heavenly Worship