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The story about our logo began in Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

This trip to Sri Lanka was totally unplanned. It was my visit to a local Christian bookstore that led me to the remote parts of Jaffna.

The bookstore manager and I had become friends and we’d often share our faith journey. Joanna’s mum had returned to the Lord a couple of months prior and she was still missing her mum very much.

As we talked, she mentioned that her mum’s only sister was still living someplace in Jaffna, a village her mum grew up in. Joanna was visibly emotional as she related a few stories her mum had shared with her about this place.

She recalled my previous travels to Sri Lanka and asked if I knew the location of her mum’s village in Jaffna. I did not but assured her that I would research it and update her. Joanna’s face then lit up as she asked me if I’d accompany her visit her aunt in Jaffna, Sri Lanka!

I then did a fair bit of research to plan a 10-day itinerary for Joanna to visit her aunt plus experience a few other famous locations in Sri Lanka. It was Joanna’s f0r visit to Sri Lanka and I wanted her to make the most of her experience.

I will leave that part of the story for another blog post!

It was during our visit to a children’s home in Achuvelli that we met Rajendra Kumar. He excitedly brought us his art book and flipped the pages for us. I recognised the look of hope in his eyes, seeking our admiration and praise. On a personal note, I related to his love for art.

The joy on his face was precious. I asked him to put his signature on his artwork and took some photos for remembrance. On our long journey back to Colombo, I shared some thoughts about the drawings and the children with Sudesh, our tour guide. It had created an impact on him too. Ideas began to flow and the name HAPPYLION was born based on Rajendra’s artwork. 

I was now more committed to creating a website to showcase Sri Lanka and all its beauty.

 THE LOGO and what it resembles:

  • The LION – Strong, Brave, Protective and Adventurous

  • HAPPYLION coined phrase – The LION though naturally fierce and feared, has a happy, happy heart with companionship on his travels.

The original art piece was done with love and hope of seeing dreams come true. Our mission is to carry this precious child’s creative vision of art, joy, travel and love to anyone and everyone who believes in traveling with purpose. Overcoming the odds to touch each other’s hearts in our journey of life.

Holidays are great but TRAVEL WITH PURPOSE to experience another level of joy and fulfillment!


TLC Cookie

In the meantime, chew on this TLC Cookie:

“Every single act of LOVE creates a ripple effect. The joy of such moments is hidden treasure. – Sharen”


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