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The creative mind on Overdrive: Discovering new passions

If you acknowledge the fact that are all made in the image of God, infused with His characteristics, then the creative mind or rather gene is certainly part of our DNA. When we stop to ponder and appreciate God’s unmatched creativity, our creative minds often is stirred. 

In my journey of channeling these creative stir-ups, I have noticed a certain pattern. A pattern am sure some of you out there may share or relate to. Let me attempt to describe it.

It is as if my mind gets flooded with a million ideas and I just have to get at least some of these ideas out of my head by simply doing it. These ideas are rather clear in my head yet the outcome after trying them, may or may not achieve the desired results! Trial and error method with no regrets. Just keep doing it and see how things take shape. Allowing myself the space to be creative, learn, explore, and enjoy the process without too much pressure; letting my passion to create take over. On several occasions, the finished product has been better than how I imagined it! 

This sort of thinking pattern usually leaves me with several creative projects on my plate at any given time.


Well, the truth of the matter is I can delve into a project I am passionate about with 100++% enthusiasm. I’d be jotting down ideas and whatnot almost 24/7 when my creative juices are stirred. During this period of ‘excitement’, all and I mean ALL things are POSSIBLE! I’ve come to realize that for most of the notable achievements in my life, I’ve had a family member or friend lovingly shoulder that task of ‘pushing or even pulling’ me beyond that ‘excitement’ period. For this, I am truly grateful.

Blogging, home-video creations, photography, handicraft, painting, and songwriting are just some of the outlets that I use for this ever-present need for creative variety in my life. I trust someday all these projects will amount to something more lucrative but till then am content to enjoy each day to the fullest indulging in my passions. 

As I type this blog, I am already thinking of Pretty-Potz, a pot painting project I recently revived as an activity to share with some close friends and expand if possible. It has always been a great joy for me to receive handmade gifts. TLC Gifts from the Heart is another project I started some ten years ago to create handmade gifts for friends and family especially.  These simple keepsake gifts I believe carry a value beyond a price tag. When it touches the heart and creates a sweet memory, the blessing of love is complete.

Here’s a link to one of my home videos created some 14 years ago!

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27 So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

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