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Beauty Of Nature: In Awe of God’s Art

How quickly time passes eh? While doing some housekeeping on my computer recently, I came across some photos from my past travels. This particular photograph of Clear Lake, Manitoba was taken in 2005.  It was breathtaking to be surrounded by such natural beauty and I recall being awestruck by of God’s art.  Needless to say, my memories for the next few minutes were absorbed with the beautiful Canadian landscape and how that experience remains so vivid in my mind.

Not sure if it is an age thing but I find myself appreciating the beauty of nature more and more each day. It’s as if my senses are more in tune with nature and there is an inner joy that is stirred.

Just the other morning I was out in my unkept garden when I noticed two tiny yellow-breasted birds having a lively conversation. I spend the next few minutes observing their movements and bird chatter. Never before have I done this yet somehow these things fascinate me now. A couple of bright yellow butterflies came fluttering by to join the scene and everything looked so perfect; in my unkept garden. These to me, are simply God-moments. Can’t be explained in words effectively but anyone who has experienced it can relate.

Appreciating Life

Yes, I really must pull those weeds out and get my ‘garden act’ together; my thoughts slowly shift back to the nots0-exciting task that lies ahead. I am grateful for the good interruptions that come along to help me refocus on the beauty that surrounds me in everyday things and events. Being caught up with our daily to-do list often robs us of joy-filled moments like these. Appreciating life in its fullness by acknowledging how God has divinely placed every good and perfect gift within reach of our hearts. 

While I look forward to my next trip to Canada or another awesome part of the world, I am more aware of the beauty that surrounds me now, at this very present moment. God has His special way of presenting us with beauty in people, places, and things often when we least expect it.  Beauty shows up everywhere when we allow ourselves to embrace all that God has for us with a heart of expectation and gratitude.

While the world faces disaster after disaster, let us not live our lives based on tragedy and pain. Look for beauty and it will be there

 waiting to welcome you. I wish you a weekend of absolute beauty. May your spirit be charged up for this exciting journey of seeing beauty through God’s eyes.

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“God is discovered entirely through creation – the brilliance of a sunset, the powerful roar of a waterfall, the symphony of sounds you hear in the heart of the forest, or the vastness of space and its countless stars.” — Benjamin Sullivan

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