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Life’s unexpected adventure

Would you not agree with me that life without the unexpected adventure would be a ‘flat-line!?

A good routine is important. It allows one to have a more balanced and focused life. We all need this to be productive individuals. Make the most of your time and not waste this limited resource. The downside of a rigid routine however is a life lacking adventure; one that screams boring and also one that whispers, go with the flow, live life!

The past week or so had been a little crazy with numerous unplanned things jumping onto my path with little or no warning whatsoever. Some were welcomed interruptions while more of them weren’t. It kind of left me feeling uneasy; like I had not sorted out the fifty-two things on my task list.  A feeling perhaps of not being as fruitful or productive as my planned routine would have it. I had to shake this feeling off quickly or lose my joy! Yes it was that serious. Have you not felt this way??


My work-from-home routine usually is planned rather perfectly to suit my likes and dislikes. From the morning when I wake up (yawn, yawn, stretch, stretch) to the time I repeat all that later at night, I am privileged to make most of my decisions for the day based on my level of zest for life. Thankfully, by God’s grace, zest levels are being maintained effectively.

Now back to the unexpected adventure in life; these things jumble up your routine, make you take detours and put you in a  ‘what-just-happened’ mode from time to time. Yet for good reason, if these things don’t come along, life would have no real meaning and purpose. 

Take for example my so-very-unexpected trip up North last week. Got a call late in the evening from my niece who asked me to join her for some adventure early the following morning. I had already planned a bunch of things for the next day and hesitated for a bit before saying yes. She was delighted. I was excited. I didn’t get much sleep that night. Talk about adventure and am like a kid!


Hopped into my niece’s car before sunrise and headed north; destination, Ipoh. Got to spend time chatting to glory with my niece who normally has her own crazy work/life routine when not on a road trip with her aunt! We watched the beautiful sunrise, scenic waterfall and limestone hills with grateful hearts. Stopped to stretch our legs and fill our bellies with some yummy nasi lemak plus sweet, hot coffee along the highway. We continued our journey towards Ipoh, more relaxed and ready to visit with some kinfolk. They were equally delighted with the unexpected visit! 

After some light sightseeing, we headed back home; The return journey had just us reflecting on our mini adventure and enjoying the sound of our own laughter. Three and a half hours later we were home safe, satisfied and sleep-ready.

Yes, yes I do know this is all so normal for some of you out there but the essence of this is that it was UNEXPECTED and NOT IN MY PLAN. Routines are necessary, yet when we embrace these adventure moments and go with the flow of things, often enough we get to experience life in a more meaningful way. To encourage others and be encouraged through these unexpected life events makes us more creative, loving and generally better individuals.

So, keep those routines but allow the unplanned adventure to continue!

Blessed to bless.

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“A man practices the art of adventure when he breaks the chain of routine and renews his life through reading new books, traveling to new places, making new friends, taking up new hobbies and adopting new viewpoints.” – Wilfred Peterson


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